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Haiti - FLASH : Declaration of Assets, a law violated and flouted for 10 years

 This Tuesday, May 14, the "Fondasyon Je Klere" (FJKL) will launch the first national campaign (May 14 to June 30) on the declaration of Assets in Haiti around the concept of citizen engagement...

Since February 20, 2008, the date of the publication of the Law on the Declaration of Patrimony, many categories of politicians, civil servants and other public officials violated this Act with great pleasure and impunity, among them, 2 former presidents of the Republic and 3 former Prime Ministers...

Ten years after the promulgation of the Law on the Declaration of Patrimony, the latter continues to be systematically violated by almost all personalities and public officials

In addition, the FJKL unveiled the results of a vast survey carried out over the period 2008-2018 which shows how much the 2008 law is violated and flouted, of which we present to you some extracts in figures :

Period from 2008 to 2018

Executive authority :
46% of the 232 persons in the executive branch subject to the declaration of assets declared it when they took office and only 10.77% when they left, of which : 116 former ministers out of 131, 86 former State secretaries out of 90, 3 former Prime Ministers on 7 and 2 former Presidents of the Republic out of 4.

Legislative Branch :
In 4 legislatures 313 deputies and 90 senators succeeded each other. 93% of the senators and 81% of the deputies did not make their declaration of Assets when taking office. And 97% of Senators and 93% of Deputies did not make their declaration of wealth upon leaving office

Judicial Power :
100% of the judges of the court of cassation made their statement against only 89% of the judges of the courts of appeal, 37% of the judges of the courts of first instance, 44% of the judges of Peace, 33% of the commissioners of the government and their substitutes and 24% for members of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ)

Other political personality :
88% of the ambassadors, 89% of the consuls, 73% of the secretaries general and 93% of the delegates and vice-delegates did not make their declaration of assets, 99% of the inspectors of the General Direction of the Taxes (DGI), 80% of presidents and members of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Credit, 86% of the agents of the Central Financial Intelligence Unit, 60% of the members of the National Commission of Public Procurement, 67% of the members of the Board of Modernization of public companies and 50% of the Presidents and members of the Board of Directors of the Haitian People's Bank (BPH), 97% of the mayors, 99.75% of the CASECs did not declare their wealth.

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